Technical Analysis: Fundamentally Easy
Technical Analysis: Fundamentally Easy
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Edited by Ashley Gulke.

This book walks you through technical analysis in a logical, easy-to-read manner. Plenty of charts and visual examples, along with "Tips from Jerry" ensure you will understand the basics of charting necessary for marketing grain in today’s environment.

Learn How To:
  • Spot formations and patterns
  • Draw trend lines
  • Prepare for reports
  • Read indicators such as: RSI, MACD and trailing stops

The book culminates with a case study to help you put to use the skills learned in the book: basis, carry, charting, and hedging decisions.

"Our goal with this book is to enable you to make educated and intentional marketing decisions so that you will have more control over your financial well-being. We hope that you find this learning process to be fruitful and fulfilling."
     - Jerry Gulke, President, Gulke Group

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