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We are your online resource for a wide-range of products and services offered by Farm Journal Media and its partners. You'll find subscriptions to popular farm magazines like Farm Journal, Top Producer, Dairy Today and more. Subscribe to valuable agriculture newsletters: Pro Farmer, LandOwner and The Agriculture Letter. Register to attend educational events such as Corn College, Soybean College, Profit Briefings, Crop Tour and more. Increase your knowledge with leading educational materials from Corn College TV, and the popular Marketing Education Series. And of course the unique gifts for farmers and those in agriculture are some of the most popular items, visit the "Country Favorites" section to view farm focused shirts, unique farm collectibles, books and more. Shop Farm Journal makes it easy to find what you’re looking for! 

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Farm Journal is dedicated to providing professional educational products and services to farmers all across America. All products for sale are created and hosted by the top experts in their field, ensuring the highest quality information is passed on to you. We stand behind our products and services, and encourage you to call us with any questions regarding your order: 1-888-833-8187.

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Farm Journal Media is the nation’s leading agricultural media company. Its magazines are the 136-year-old flagship Farm Journal, Top Producer, Beef Today, Dairy Today and Implement & Tractor. The company produces and distributes "AgDay," "U.S. Farm Report," "Corn College" and "Leave a Legacy" national TV programs. The company produces the industry-leading website AgWeb.com, the syndicated radio show "AgriTalk" and recently launched a new division, Farm Journal Mobile. Farm Journal Media also licenses detailed industry data through its FarmReach database, publishes the Pro Farmer and LandOwner newsletters, produces numerous large-scale live events and provides extensive custom publishing services.