Making the Family Farm the Family Business book
Making the Family Farm the Family Business book
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A guide to help your family grow and thrive in your family farm business.

The drive to grow your business to support your family or make room for another family member can destroy exactly what you seek – strong and rewarding family relationships. That’s where this book delivers. Condensed into easily readable terms is a whole library’s worth of business and life management books. It packs key concepts into bite-sized morsels – easily absorbed and easy to understand. Then it provides practical examples of how to apply these key concepts in your operation.

7 Chapters:
  1. Values, Vision & Mission 
  2. Goal Setting Keeps You Focused
  3. The Pieces of a Successful Family Business
  4. Non-traditional Marketing Plans Will be Your Key to Success
  5. Managing Relationships
  6. Farm Structure
  7. Conclusions
"I hope you enjoy the concepts, suggestions and tips outlined in this booklet. I think you'll find them useful in your farming business. That's why I wrote it - to help families succeed at operating this unique family business, the family farm!"
          - Chip Flory

Written in your language by one who truly understands family farmers and ranchers – Chip Flory, Editorial Director of the nation’s largest agricultural marketing newsletter, Pro Farmer. 82 pages. Paperback. New Condition.

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