Farm Journal Magazine
Farm Journal Magazine
Product Details Farm Journal, the premiere farm magazine, is a prime source of practical information on crops and livestock for farm families. Published 12 times a year, the magazine emphasizes agricultural production, technology and policy. As the flagship of Farm Journal Media, Farm Journal has a rich history spanning 137 years of service to U.S. agriculture, quality journalism and innovations in circulation technology. Farm Journal was first published in March 1877 for farmers in the bountiful agricultural regions within a day’s ride of the publication’s office in Philadelphia.

This 1 year subscription delivers your favorite and most valuable topics right to your door.
  • Nutrient Navigator Series
  • Soil Health Series
  • Farming in the Zone
  • Test Plot Report
  • Crop Insurance Case Study
  • Legacy Project Coverage
  • Production Journal
  • Machinery Journal
  • $100 Ideas
  • Outlook
  • Tailgate Talk
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