Farm Journal 1st Edition Collectible Reproduction
Farm Journal 1st Edition Collectible Reproduction
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The perfect addition to your farming collectibles, this replica 8-page first edition appears exactly as when it was first printed in 1877. Whether you keep it on your coffee table as a conversation piece, or display it on your wall, it's sure to stir memories of yesteryear, and provide a glimpse of what farm life was like 130 years ago.

Includes features like:
Grain - Prime Pennsylvania red and amber Wheat is quoted at $.52 to $1.56. Wheat is scarce in this market and price advancing. Corn is also firmer, and selling at $.56 to $.56 1/2. Rye, 75 to 80c. Oats, 37 to 38c.

The Household
- Cayenne pepper will keep the pantry and store-room free from cockroaches and ants.
- Some women won't be happy in heaven unless they can scrub it out once a year.

Go West!
Yes, go to Kansas. If the grasshoppers do not overrun your farm, the prairie soil will yield a good crop; then you can send it to market and pocket the proceeds.

Church fairs are good things. They teach a man how to preserve a look of deep humility while paying out two dollars of his hard-earned money for a ten-cent pin-cushion.

Pelican Guano! $38.00 per ton. No Odor! No Lumps!

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