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Driving the beef market.
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Enhance animal production and management, operations and overall market performance while addressing social issues and consumer needs with expert solutions from Drovers magazine.

As the nation's oldest livestock publication, Drovers provides useful business management and marketing information for all segments of the beef industry.

  • Profit tips
  • Analysis of industry economics
  • Features on business management and marketing
  • Important current issues
Each issue shares six specific market pages complete with data and analysis. Separate coverage is provided for the following: Female markets, Fed cattle markets, Stocker/Feeder prices, Profit Strategies, Production Trends and Economic Indicators. 
  • Drovers' Female Markets page provides price trends and analysis for bred cows, open cows and heifers. Comparisons are made to historical price trends, and analysis indicates likely price directions for coming months. 
  • The Fed Market pages recaps the price trends for slaughter cattle, and examines the factors that will influence future market direction. Drovers' exclusive 50-market auction summary is published on the Stocker/Feeder Market page, with actual prices and monthly averages for steers and heifers in select weight groups. 
  • Profit Strategies and Production Trends provide analysis on various topics that can impact a rancher's profitability. Subjects may range from forage availability and grazing prospects to weather and grain production and price outlooks. 
  • Economic Indicators are an exclusive Drovers reference page for a snapshot of the prices and production factors shaping the beef industry.

Drovers generally mails around the 10th of each month. This publishing date allows editors to gather market prices and information from a full month before going to press. Complete monthly market information provides useful trend and analysis points for Drovers unique market pages.

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