Farm Journal Marketing Education Series - COMPLETE 4-CHAPTER SET
Farm Journal Marketing Education Series - COMPLETE 4-CHAPTER SET
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"I used to be so timid of contracts and was ignorant of contract types, but your program did such a good of explaining the options out there (pun intended) that my confidence and willingness to try other methods other than spot cash sales improved dramatically.Today I negotiated my first forward cash sale for a January delivery (better basis  J) on beans to capture some of this bean rally.  Anyway, without investing in your DVDs I know for sure this would have been just another rally to me that came and went as I waited to get grain in the barn before marketing. Thanks again."
     - Josh, Michigan
Manage your risk and protect your profits.

Find out why cash-only marketers are often overly aggressive in their marketing  and learn to match the correct marketing tool with the correct market condition in order to minimize your risk and protect your profits. This four- chapter workbook and DVD series will help shape your grain marketing decision - making process and provide real-world scenarios to illustrate the proper use of various tools in your marketing toolbox.  Written and presented by Pro Farmer's Chip Flory.

Your Complete Set Order Includes:
  • Chapter 1 - Assessing & Managing Risk
  • Chapter 2 - Become a Better Cash Marketer
  • Chapter 3 - Fundamentals of Hedging
  • Chapter 4 - Advanced Marketing Strategies
  • Glossary of marketing terms
  • Durable binder
  • Each DVD is 60-90 minutes in length. Guidebooks are 18 - 31 pages.
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