Corn College TV: Best of Season 5
Corn College TV: Best of Season 5
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Head to the field with Farm Journal Field Agronomists Ken Ferrie and Missy Bauer and learn the best corn production strategies and tips as seen on Corn College TV: Season 5. You'll be sure to watch this DVD multiple times, as it will soon become your "go to" resource for corn production questions.

Lessons included on this DVD:

  •  Discover the Effects of Crop Rotations
  •  Know How to Select Your Hybrids
  •  Top Planter Technology at Full Speed
  •  The Possibilities of Multi-Hybrid Technology
  •  Learn the Fundamentals of High-Yielding Corn
  •  The Importance of Uniformity Across the Field
  •  How to Avoid Starter Fertilizer Burn
  •  Lay the Foundation for VRT Population and Nitrogen
  •  The Benefits of Scouting Using Drone Technology
  •  Identify Drone Tools to Properly Scout Fields
  •  How the Timing of Stress Impacts Yields
  •  Tile Gates’ Role in Overall Water Management
  •  How to Gather Quality Data for Zones
  •  Get Your Boots Dirty and Fine-Tune Zones
  •  Ask the Agronomist: “How Late Can I Apply Nitrogen?”
  • BONUS: The Do’s and Don’ts of Cover Crops
Made in the U.S.A. Ships from Cedar Falls, IA.
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